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Feb 16, 2014

First Photo Walk of 2014

It may have been indoors, at the thoroughly explored and photographed university, but it was good to get out and just make photos as they came and with no particular intention.

And I wasn't alone. It was the third organized gathering of the Help-Portrait Saskatoon crew. I organized  coffee together twice and decided this gathering should involve doing what we love most, second being talking photography.

Certainly not everyone made it out, but we've had better numbers than I first anticipated and we have become better friends which is great and can only serve to make next year's Help-Portrait go even better.

I've decided to try a bit more extensive processing, such as the second and third photos. I welcome your feedback.

I commented that I'd always felt weird whenever I'd wanted to set up a light and shoot this millstone, but in a group of other photographers, with their verbal support, I didn't feel as silly and I was pleased with the results.

Before coffee back at the Agriculture Building, I made a better portrait of the T-rex in Geology with Janet's help. Once we got the elevator unstuck (that one is always finicky) we returned to our starting point and shot the breeze.

I may be able to make the full album of everyone's shot on Facebook open to everyone, once it's put together. Check back later to see it. This link should take you to the album but it might be a few days to populate. Not eveyone's the keener I am. :P