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Aug 20, 2015

One Fast, Blurry, Incredible Year Later

  Photograph 12 Months 1 by Jay Scott on 500px

This post went live to the minute exactly one incredible year after our dear Fiona was born. We are so grateful for her health, her vitality, her smile, her babbling, her affection and even for her consistent 12 hours or more of sleep each night. She has been very easy on us and we will do our best to remember that and continue to be patiently loving when she is having more trying times.

As many of you probably remember, we had a very wonderful discovery while Angie and I were dating. It was a photo of each of us on one of these tractors at relatively the same age, both wearing yellow pajamas. When my dad found another one of these tractors, long before Fiona was visible in our future, we cautiously discussed how cool it would be to duplicate that photo with her. Behold!

It wouldn't have been the same photo without the glaring on camera flash. Remembering the photos, we were both critical of our dads for taking them from too tall of a position. However, looking at them, they both were sitting and it actually was a pretty good angle. Ironically, we found it more difficult to make a photo that looked unflattering than we did to make the first and last photos in this post. And, for the record, Angie gets the credit for the middle shot. She definitely knows how to make our baby laugh, giggle and smile.

So, happy first birthday, my dear little Fiona! Thank you for bringing so much wonderful life into our lives and bringing us daily deep love and awe. Your deep belly laugh and toothy smile, with your wrinkly nose, cannot be matched.

  Photograph 12 Months 2 by Jay Scott on 500px