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Dec 23, 2016

Stagnant Looking Site - I'm Sorry

I'll admit that I fought it, a long time. Like an old geezer holding on, denying change, and insisting the good ole days were better, I fought my Facebook presence. Insisting the people who I wanted to interact with and who thought like I did would come to my site.

Excuses abounded and it took far too long to realize the true interaction does not take place in the comments section of my site, but the various groups and pages on social media. That's where you'll find the seemingly missing seven months of content. In order of posting frequency, Instagram, my Facebook profile (now exclusively for photography purposes and publicly viewable) and my Facebook Page (Jay Scott Photography).

I have a lot of plans for this site, and this blog will get a corner of that site, as well as much more frequent posts, in the new year, but until I make that happen, catch up with me on the various social media locations.

Thanks, and sorry to make the faithful visitors wonder what was going on, here.