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Mar 18, 2013

Welcome, Baby Drayden

I'm received a very positive reception from my photos of Rebecca so I've decided to post a few more.

Along with his coming home outfit, Rebecca had the cutest pair of moccasins that ended up being part of some of my favourite shots from the session.

Her son, Drayden, entered the world Saturday. I hope I have the opportunity to make some photos of him once the time is right. From what I have seen he is cute as a button and would be a lot of fun to photograph.

Mar 16, 2013

It Has to End, Doesn't It?

What a winter, eh? I don't know exactly how bad it has been around the rest of the northern hemisphere. I know that England had some uncharacteristic amount of snow earlier this year. But I do know that Saskatchewan, specifically Saskatoon and Regina, has received unbelievable amounts of snow.

When my parents were up at our place in Saskatoon in December for Christmas dad blew the snow off the deck for us (more so for Kiwi) and blew a four foot swath around the perimeter of our lawn along the driveway and sidewalk onto the center of our lawn/snow pile. What we had for snow when he did that was about the same amount as we had all of last winter. That said, last winter was exceptionally easy on us. That swath has been filled up and piled more than twice as high as it was before he blew it back in December. There's little more to say so I will let today's photos do the talking.


In an effort to think about warm sunny places I thought I would take the palm tree-like succulents and see if I could not make a macro shot with some warm light to help us frozen Saskatchewanians think of the warmer days ahead. It wouldn't be so bad if temperatures were normal and the snow pile was reducing but here in Saskatoon we are expected to get 7-14 cm of snow by tomorrow evening. Our temperature this morning was -21. The normal is -8 with a normal high of +1. We should be having a very nice, slow, melt that would result in few to no flooded basements. But, I guess being grumpy about it does not help anything but I do not deny how it is impacting almost everyone I know.

Finally, same setup, different focal point. A number of years ago when we went to the West Edmonton Mall there was an artist there by the name of the Sandman. He did the most amazing work putting sand in jars creating pieces like the one we have had decorating our half wall since we purchased one. He uses the various colors of sand and little small funnels to create his piece one little layer at a time. Talk about the ability to imagine the completed piece in his mind before he even starts. I have been meaning to photograph it for a long time but never bothered. Perhaps in the future I will show you the silhouetted, snow-covered, mountain range and birds flying in front of the setting sun on the opposite side.

Warm thoughts. Warm thoughts. Warm thoughts.

Mar 11, 2013


The best photo shoot I had ever had was grad photos of Rebecca, Cassie and Kayla. The energy and enthusiasm they had, despite the unbelievable mosquito population was motivating. The comfortable weather, their lovely dresses, hair and makeup all came together to make for one of the best 45 min. of my life. I wish I had three times that much time to work with them but they had ceremonies to get to. :-)

That was a few years ago and it still sits in the top number of photo sessions I have ever had. Rebecca is about to enter a new stage in life when she gives birth to her son in a week or less. It was my pleasure to photograph her to help her preserve the memories, hopefully mostly the good ones, of this pregnancy.

Recently on a Facebook page for disabled photographers the question was posed, "what do you use for adaptive equipment?" I thought about it, and aside from the oral shutter release I designed and built for my Pentax, I do not use any adaptive equipment. I am grateful to have found a way to make photos without any additional barriers, that is, relying on more specialized equipment. When we first got our point-and-shoot camera it was wonderful to just have a camera that I could use with my clumsy hands. When the time came to upgrade to a DSLR I, once again, made my decision largely based on what I could use with my hands. Thankfully, I was not able to use that camera in the way I intended because the weight was greater than the demo model I tried in the store which had a lesser lens on it than mine would. I was forced to find a better way to hold the camera because I had already purchased it and surpassed the time frame permitted for a return. Thanks to that I was able to base my next upgrade almost solely on the merits of the camera system and not on what would work for my hands. If I was dependent on a camera body design, had Nikon's next body been what I was looking for, but been redesigned to a shape I could not use, I would be stuck with what I had hoping that their next model would work for me.

My point is that I am thankful I do not require any adaptive technology but, to answer the question posed on the Facebook group, I had to say how greatly appreciative I was of having Angie to assist me as efficiently as she always does so that we can get as much done in two hours as we did. I know most photographers have an assistant and that it makes a huge difference in their ability to work but Angie's efficiency, and familiarity with my style of working, made a huge difference in the final results.

That assistance allowed me to spend more time talking with Rebecca and keeping her in the spotlight and not told to just "wait a minute" while I am adjusting a light or some other small thing. Her mom was there, as well, which helped me to keep the expressions real and make photos that are difficult to make until your talent is comfortable and at ease.

I hope everything goes very well for Rebecca in the coming days and that she will be able to look back on these photos with fondness. I know I certainly will because it was an absolute pleasure to make them with her lovely smile, wonderful personality and easy-going nature. I'm happy to say that now two of my best photo sessions include her.