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Mar 27, 2014

Procrastination No Longer

  Photograph Bailey by Jay Scott on 500px

Even though not much has been going on in this space for some time, with a new baby on the way, there has been plenty getting done around here. So many of those little things, tasks or jobs have become more of a priority than they were not so long ago. They still are not critical but in the interest of getting things organized and tidy before Angie's energy levels get too low, and before the busy shooting season ramps up, I would feel better about getting as much done now as possible. At times the number of things that need doing feels overwhelming but all you can do is try to tackle one or two jobs per day and hope that only one more job gets added to the list for every two that get completed.

It's no surprise that what I enjoy shooting most is something that has purpose and I really do believe that Challenging Reality serves that purpose. I enjoy the subject, I enjoy the hope that it will help a few people, one day, and I hope that the readership will continue to grow. I don't deny that the fear of rejection rises up occasionally as I prepare to send out a number of cold e-mails to potential groups of interest. That is where you'll find consistent and regular new work and your comments and sharing it with other people is greatly appreciated.

Speaking of purpose, last weekend we had a guest in our home. Her photo is at the top of this post. We were very glad to help out Paul and his family as they were away at the same event as their usual dog-sitters. Bailey is a very laid-back puppy and we anticipated no problems but she was very homesick the first night. The next day once she played with Kiwi a bit and got to know us even better she was pretty happy. It hasn't been since Kiwi was first with us that I have met a dog who was temporarily so inconsolable and I found it sad and a bit frustrating, but am well aware that nights and helplessness like that are certainly in our future once a baby has has joined our family.

I hope to be able to finally release the photos from Velvet Pawz but do not want to do that until they have their website up and running. That will be something new to share. At Kiwi's last check up we got a little bit of disappointing news. She has had a bit of a limp for a time and we thought it might be an injury from playing but the vet thought that she might have some arthritis and recommended glucosamine, the exact primary ingredient of Velvet Pawz. So, we started her on it and her limp has definitely improved but we also trimmed her claws, which might have been long enough to cause her some discomfort. Time will tell.

In addition to that we learned that her front teeth are in not-so-good condition. We have neglected to brush her teeth but where she chews with her back teeth the vet said they look excellent. As a result she will be getting a cleaning and some of those worst teeth removed so that they do not become infected or a source of constant pain for her. It was a bit saddening to experience the reality check that our dog is not a puppy any longer, even if her morning reaction to being let out of her kennel tells us otherwise. There is a lot of spunk in that little quirky dog and I hope she gives us many, many more years of smiles.

Hopefully spring – the real spring, not this pseudo-spring tease – is on its way for good and I can begin sharing some photos from the zoo once weekly exercise takes me there.