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Aug 20, 2012

Saskatoon Forestry Farm and Zoo 2012 - 8

Not usually so easy to see or get a good photo of.

Early arrival times make for serene, empty paths like these. It was entirely peaceful at the zoo until about 10 am. As much as I like to start my visits in the flower gardens when the light is better and the air stiller, I may start the occasional visit in the zoo.

This photo was taken on the same visit as the one above. I decided to take the counterclockwise route which made for trees I'd never noticed before, angles on scenes I don't usually see. This also produced a chicken under a shrub.

As I rounded the corner I saw these two little ones. The instant they saw me they scurried under their mother's plumage. I had to switch lenses and waited patiently for them to come out, but aside from a little head poking up oh so briefly I couldn't get the closeup I'd hoped for. Cute, nonetheless.

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