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Oct 20, 2012

Haircut and a New Toy

As I wrote the title for this post I realized that I, too, got a haircut yesterday and have really been enjoying my new toy, the radio trigger purchased with birthday money from my mom and dad. No buyer's remorse here. I am really enjoying it. However, wouldn't you know, GoPro came out with their third iteration of their action camera. It looks like this one will do what I was hoping the second one would do. Regardless, I am glad that I did not get the second one because the third one, for the same price as the second one was, would have been an outdated version just weeks after it was given to me. Everything worked out for the best.

The title of the post was actually a description of our Kiwi. She got her hair cut this past Tuesday and was overdue for a new toy so we picked one up yesterday after my haircut.

I think it is going to be perfect for her. The loops make it easy for me to throw and give her endless enjoyment chewing on and she has yet to be able to squeak the deeply embedded squeaker. That shows her determination as she works at that thing make it squawk.

Certainly enjoy how soft she is for some time after a haircut. We may need to bath her at the halfway point so that brushing her is that much more effective at making her extra soft.

That's all I have for your Saturday dose of cuteness.

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