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Jan 12, 2013

For Scott

A young man I once knew passed away this week. Scott Moen. We were acquaintances and, in fact, he hung out in a group of guys that I had little use for. Scott was the exception. When others in the group were bugging me he typically kept his mouth closed. It was just high school immaturity. We've all grown and changed.

My injury fifteen years ago changed many people besides me. Scott and crew wouldn't dare pick on the crippled guy, of course, but beyond that their behaviour became less juvenile, from my perspective.

Awhile after moving from neurology to rehab some of this group came to visit. Many people, lots of them my age with minimal part time income, gave me money. It was not huge amounts but I most definitely appreciated it. Scott felt terrible that he had no money to give so he gave me a pendant he had earned with his hockey team.

Again, the money was appreciated, but it comes and goes. The guys who came to visit, Scott's gift of this chain and the fact that they had the maturity to come visit a guy, once their target of ridicule, not difficult to be around in his vulnerable state, meant the most and will stick with me.

I'm not sure what took Scott, but I do know that he had health issues a few years after my injury and that his announcement stated that donations could be made to the Lupus, Diabetes or Heart & Stroke Foundation.

Just another person that left us too soon, but one I certainly will not forget.


  1. very proud of you son for your kind words and hope many people read them.

  2. Thank you. I hope so, as well.

  3. Jay, I want to thank you for the kind words about our son Scott. I remember him talking about his visit with you, and he made the comment that he shouldn't complain, that there is always someone else that's in worst shape then him. He kept that vow and he always never complained or whined about his illness, or that he had to take chemo or dialysis. He saw so much when he was in the hospitals and he always said there are people here with bigger problems then mine. That visit with you and his experiences after he got sick, gave him a positive outlook on his life and he was thankful for every day that he was able to go and do something. He never complained about how he was feeling until this last 6 months, and he said he was getting tired of being always sick and tired. I am so thankful that he went and visited you and because of you he tried to live his life without complaining and tried to enjoy every minute.

  4. You are welcome. What I said is true.

    As much as Scott was right, there is always someone in worse shape than you, it does not mean that your struggles are not significant to you and those around you. I know that I also need to be reminded that there are a lot of people who are worse off than I. People who cannot feed themselves, get around independently or even breathe on their own. I have my times of pity party and have been working on a photo that I will post soon that I hope will convey some of my feelings last little while. But one trip to any hospital or care home keeps my attitude in check.

    It is good to know that my experience has influenced others positively. I will do my best to remember what you said about Scott being thankful for every day that he was able to go and do something. I know how frustrating it can be to have goals, short-term or long-term, crushed or postponed by poor health. I know the feeling of being sick of being sick and tired, but I am sure not to the extent that Scott did.

    I wish you well in your grieving and moving on when the time is right.

    1. Hi Jay, just wanted to keep in touch with you and let you know that we put on a memorial golf tournament in Scott's name this last June. We raised over $9000.00 and donated it to the Canadian Diabetes and Sask Lupus in his memory. We are going to try and continue having this tournament every year and raise awareness of these diseases. We had an awesome response for the first tournament and we already have many people requesting to golf again next year and already sponsors are in place for next year!

    2. Thank you for staying in touch and keeping me up to date. I get most of the Swift Current news, but not all of it. :)

      I'm so glad there was such a great turnout and hope that each year's tournament is more successful than the previous.

      Please contact me in advance if you do anything like a silent auction or draws. I would like to contribute.

    3. We will most definitely keep in contact with you Jay! We have already booked the golf course for June 21, 2014, and yes, we will be having a silent auction and raffle draws again. I will send you our letter in the new year if you are interested.

    4. Excellent! I am most interested in receiving your letter so I can contribute in your next silent auction.

  5. Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. We have been fairly busy here with getting things lined up for the upcoming golf tournament. If you are still interested I will give you the email address that we have set up for the tournament and you can let Raymond know and he will email you our Tournament letter and any other info that you need.

  6. That would be great! If you would rather not leave the e-mail address in a public place like this please just click on my "contact us" page as seen above at the top of the website. You can reach me there without the tournament's address being ripe for harvesting by spambots. Also, if you want to look at the photos I have available to indicate the what you think might sell for the most value, please do that and let me know. The link to my galleries is on the right-hand side under "all photos on 500px".

    Thanks for getting back to me,


  7. thanks for getting back to me so soon Raymond has your email address and he is going to send you our tournament letter. We also looked at your photos and they are all so incredible it was hard to pick one! We did decide on the scenery, quiet Christmas Eve. If you want to contact or talk to Raymond, his cell number will be included on the tournament letter, also our number will be included.

    Again thanks