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Jun 16, 2013

Coquaholla Highway Adventure

Today we drove down the most intense road I have ever travelled. It was not unlike many of the fastest driving video games I have ever played except for two things. I did not have a top of the line sports car, I had a minivan, and this was our lives in my hands, there is no replay the level if you have a fatal crash.

That said, people drive this highway all of the time and have for many years. It was just a new experience and took a little bit of cautious getting used to before I felt comfortable on it. Still, I was pretty glad to be done the 8 percent slope.

Angie was very busy holding on tight so she was unable to make a video but thankfully there is a great channel on YouTube of a couple of guys who ride their bikes all over Western Canada who have done a fine job. It will be a bit of a watch but, if you're interested, here are the videos.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Please excuse it if any of these things do not work or send you to the wrong link. I created this post on my phone and they certainly do not yet replace a computer.

I cannot imagine driving that highway in the winter. If you snoop around YouTube a little bit further you can find videos of people driving it in the winter. Two busy lanes on a dry summer day was plenty for this Saskatchewan guy.

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