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Feb 28, 2015

Six Month Photos

  Photograph Almost Six Months - 1 by Jay Scott on 500px

I just realized that I had posted these photos to 500px but not to my site. They may have been taken little while before she actually turned six months but we are calling them her six-month photos. We were planning on the messy face photo but didn't really have anything for her to eat right around that six-month anniversary mark that would resulted in a lovely comical messy baby face. Add to that that Angie and Fiona are both currently sick and now is not the optimum time for another photo.

Oh, I have ideas and they will get done but there's plenty of time and no shortage of progress photos to look back upon during this time. Just none that were specifically set up and executed to the extent that her monthly photos have been to this point.

  Photograph Almost Six Months - 2 by Jay Scott on 500px

The last week or so has had a lot of signs of possibly teething and extensive voice exercising. By that I mean ear piercing shrieking and squealing. Oh, she's happy but making it hard on our ears and brains. Poor Kiwi. Fiona does like her attention, and we appreciate that, but the time might be coming for her to learn to be a bit more independent for just a few seconds while we have something needing to be done. I could barely believe I'm saying that because she practically refuses being spoon fed anything, yogurt being the exception, and wants to do everything herself when it comes to meal time.

Add to that how she's able to make it across the living room and almost into the kitchen in about four minutes by rolling and we have one busy girl. I know it will only get worse and by the way that she's pushing herself up she will be crawling in no time, at all.

Time certainly does fly and I'm glad there are a lot of videos and photos to look back upon during these fleeting first months.

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