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May 9, 2016

UV Session 4 - Our Mermaid, Malorie

Certainly, it was my intention to give the previous post a fair amount of time at the top of the website, but not this much. The dilemma being that the communities and the networks are on social media so, as much as I have much greater control over the final appearance of everything here on my site, the action takes place on Facebook and Instagram, with Twitter bringing up third place. Once again, I prefer the format here where I can tell my story, where people can skim by what I have to say if they wish to. Often on social media the photos take center stage to the extent that often what the poster has to say is completely missed.

But I will start catching up with this post from the second ultraviolet photo shoot with Malorie Thomson all the way back from March 25.

    Malorie UV Session 2 - 1 by Jay Scott on

When Malorie arrived, covered in gems and vibrant colours, I knew that we were in for an incredible day with some stunning results. Once we got her illuminated by only the black lights it was tough to take our eyes off of the glowing face and hair before us. I cannot express enough how impressed I always am with Jennilee's work. If you need outstanding makeup done I highly recommend her. The link to her page is at the bottom of the post, but check out Vamp Make-up if your need is unique. But, book early because she is pretty busy, and rightly so.

    Malorie UV Session 2 - 2 by Jay Scott on

Unfortunately, I did not read the instructions on the reactive contact lenses used in the previous session with her. Because they were not stored properly, the contact dried out and were not safe to use any longer. I had plans for my other pairs, and thought about opening a second set for her, but am satisfied with the way her eyes looked because of the incredible makeup and the inky blackness that matches the whole underwater theme. As well, I Incorporated small kisses of light to illuminate her costume and those also served to bring her eyes out from the darkness, in the photos that the additional light was used.

    Malorie UV Session 2 - 3 by Jay Scott on

After a few experiments, one including my favourite Rapella that I remember saving up for two by when I was about 11 or 12, we did a few close-ups and then moved into the real plan for the shoot.

    Malorie UV Session 2 - 4 by Jay Scott on

I cannot take credit for the incredible styling of her wardrobe. My plan was to shoot to imply the mermaid with the tail. Thankfully, we had enough material and the creative work of Gerald and Julia, once again my assistants, to make a fabulous tail for Malorie. We weren't entirely certain what she was going to wear. A turquoise pair of backdrops that used to be a cover for a display easel that we toted with us to a variety of craft and art shows when I tried selling prints on the circuit did just fine. Of course, regular material like that did not reveal itself under black light, but that never stopped me from lighting it to give it the appearance I wanted.

    Malorie UV Session 2 - 5 by Jay Scott on

All of those factors, the makeup, wardrobe, lighting, bequeathed giant clamshell, aquarium gravel, painted rubber ball from the dollar store, accompanied by plastic balls and three street hockey balls and an old fishing lure came together to make some pretty magical photos.

    Malorie UV Session 2 - 7 by Jay Scott on

    Malorie UV Session 2 - 6 by Jay Scott on

Once again, none of it would have been possible without the many hands that were there to make things happen quickly and smoothly, and bring my ideas to life.

    Malorie UV Session 2 - 8 by Jay Scott on

    Malorie UV Session 2 - 10 by Jay Scott on

There is more to come. I have a number of great ideas that I would love to see become reality. That said, I don't want to be known as a one-trick-pony and do have some other fine non-UV work to share, in the near future. As well, the trees are in bloom and I need to get out shooting this week, before that short-lived beauty disappears on us.

    Malorie UV Session 2 - 9 by Jay Scott on

Model: Malorie Thomson
MUA: Jennilee Cardinal-Schultz of Vamp Make-up and Edon Garland
Hair: Malorie, sprayed by MUA
Agency: Infinity Management


  1. Just stunning. So beautiful! Mesmerizing. You are a very talented artist! Your creativity needs to be shared at an art gallery or in a photography magazine. Love your work!

    1. Well, thank you very much! I should take the steps necessary to get published more often. My first UV shoot did make it into Xpressions Magazine, but I never bothered to continue submitting feature shots. I suppose they will still be here ready to submit if I were to get that on my priority list.

      Once again, thank you for your kind words.