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Nov 1, 2012

Rob, Brenda, Matthew and Danica - 1

With the switch being flipped that seemed to turn summer to autumn and the second flipping autumn to winter, it seemed like an opportune time to share the results of our last family session this autumn.

Word of mouth is the best and most affordable form of advertising for so many businesses. When someone vouches for you it is the highest compliment. Paul was that referrer and that is how this session came to be. I had done portraits of Paul and Rob for Federal Medical, but commercial is a different style of photography than location shoots with multiple people.

Since Innovation Place worked so well just a few weeks ago and since I had a number of great spots we didn't get to take advantage of the last time, as well as some newly discovered spots, it was a natural choice.

The raised patio from below gave us the vines on which grew some of my favourite flower snapshots, the morning glories

The other location I was excited to try was first seen in this post, the nook with the reflections from the gold windows. Danica's face was just radiant in those mixed lights. I grabbed one shot with her reflection in the windows, but an imperfect angle combined with being in a wheelchair on a significant slope made it less than perfect. This portrait turned out nicely.

Matthew helped his sister climb up this tree. They always say you shouldn't ask your subject to do something you wouldn't do yourself. I wouldn't have asked, they suggested climbing up there. I just shot.

Matthew had already crossed the stream but the gap was a bit too big and the rocks unsteady so we suggested they stay on the side with the walking path and little chance of having a very cold bath.

More on Monday.

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