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Nov 5, 2012

Rob, Brenda, Matthew and Danica - 2

The day before our shoot we scouted the area for a wheel instead of watching the same walls go by fifteen times at the track. The maintenance staff had emptied the pond. I thought my reflection shot planned for tomorrow was gone. We stopped to talk to them and they told us they were just cleaning it and it would be refilled by the end of the day. Besides that it had to be filled for it to be a skating rink in the winter.

Regardless, the water was not yet settled by the next day and the light just wouldn't work for a reflected shot so I tightened up the frame to make the shot below.

Such a nice family to work with, full of willingness and ideas to add to my own.

I hope to work with them again and look forward to getting back to Innovation Place  now that I have so many more great spots to use.

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