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Dec 5, 2012

Christmas Decor for 2012

We don't go all out in decorating our house for Christmas but we have finally found a tree that we really like, that fits nicely in the corner without crowding our limited living room space, goes up easily, and still has plenty of room for all of our favorite ornaments. The half wall dividing our living room from our kitchen is seldom cluttered during regular months but becomes a lovely place to put out our favorite things in December.

Even though we were not sure where we would store it, I am really glad that we got our little light up Rudolph that you could see in the bottom left corner of the top photo. If I ever found an equivalent scale sized abominable snowman from the classic Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer movie I would buy it and make a place for it. The lamp that usually sits in the corner where our tree is was moved down the wall so that we still have light when we need it though I really enjoy having nothing on but the Christmas decorations at this time of year.

I always enjoy going through the boxes of decorations, most of which my parents gave me from their tree when I was young, finding new ones that I forgot we had and old ornaments almost as old as I am. I discovered a pair of new ones this year that were stuck to other ornaments and I realized that they were magnetic. Those two snowmen are now nicely stuck on the shaft of our living room lamp. Angie hung Mrs. Clause's clothesline tonight and I am happy to have a plush, dancing Christmas tree that I received as a gift 10 years ago, sitting on my desk. Thankfully there are no batteries in it because as much as it is a cute little ornament it is one of the most annoying when it is powered up. :-)

The last few years have not felt terribly Christmasy to me despite trying to get into the spirit. I did miss the Festival of Trees this year but have already watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation once, listened to two Boney M Christmas albums and have the Christmas cartoon playlist all ready to go. Mom and dad are planning on coming in two weekends which will stretch out the celebrations over a greater portion of the month and, best of all, I have a gift for Angie that was not on her list and I hope to really surprise her with.

I hope you all have a very pleasant Christmas season and that the following winter does not seem too long even if we are starting with 3 feet of snow on our deck.

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