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Dec 16, 2012


Angie indicated these scuffles are as simple as it gets to make, but they are one of the favourite things I have tasted this year. You cannot go wrong with cinnamon and sugar.

As usual, my mother brought a lovely spread of baking with them for their visit this weekend. I will see if I have time to get some photographed before it mysteriously disappears. I say "if I get time" because this week is very full with one shoot planned, five or six social events then just a few days and it is Christmas.

Tomorrow I plan to join the 21st century by spending some Christmas money on a smart phone. I may be crazy for going to Costco this close to Christmas, but here's hoping I'm in, have the phone, and am the first one through the checkout.

With that, in case I do not have anything more before Christmas, I wish you a Merry Christmas, blessed holiday season and a Happy New year!

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