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Apr 1, 2013

Not an April Fool's Joke

I actually have something new! I know it has been a long time since I have posted anything. A lot of behind the scenes work, thought and effort has gone into pieces that I hope will become something I can share before too long. Amongst that work has also been a time of great impatience as the mountains of snow continued to grow instead of slowly recede as they should for this time of year.

Temperatures are still quite far below normal and look like they will stay that way for awhile. However, we should be thankful because these below normal temperatures mean that these mountains of snow will melt very slowly and hopefully prevent any significant flooding.

We returned from Swift Current today from our Easter celebration and getaway. It was a very good time with lots of good food and much good conversation. The men even managed to thoroughly defeat the women at a game of whist. They usually beat us so this time we are going to enjoy basking in the victory because next time they will probably show us how it is done, again.

After completing the photo for the above-mentioned work, I wanted to occupy some time on Saturday morning just photographing something for fun. I have always admired a miniature grain elevator that mom had purchased a number of years ago and came up with the idea to photograph it while looking between the stocks of some wheat in one of the decorations mom had downstairs.

I was going for a post-sunset look with the appearance of a risen full moon with the twilight still showing itself on the side of the elevator.

The delicate work that occurred to put this wonderful wood carving together was simply something I want to photograph. Not unlike the handmade pen, this kind of handiwork really impresses me and deserves to be shown off.

I hope your spring is going well and that your basements are water free. I know that would make for a much more enjoyable spring for everyone.

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  1. Nice job, Jay - amazing what you can do with a few still-life items you enjoy - hope it was a nice Easter - be assured that 'spring is coming' even if it really doesn't seem like it yet - it's already here (for the fourth time) but seems to 'turn a corner' on us and tender thoughts to you both - Uncle Jock and Auntie Eli