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Apr 19, 2013

Wrestling with Words

That's what I have been doing lately. I have made a decision to begin releasing the work I have done on my personal project. I believe that there is enough quality content that I can give it its own space in hopes that it will grow to something much more than it is at this time.

The biggest challenge is to find an accurate, memorable, available and unmistakable name. It must be free of cheesiness and not easily mistaken or misspelled. When I was trying to title all of my photos a number of years ago, when I felt a title was necessary, I had a terrible habit of using far too many alliterations. They may be cute at first but quickly lose their charm and dignity.

I do not feel that I am poorly written but I want to make certain the name is just right. I think that I can tend to make my sentences longer than they need to be and occasionally overuse commas. But I most definitely try and pay attention when I know I am reading properly written material. My apologies if this turns into a bit of a grammar lesson however, it surprises me how much I get irritated when I read poor grammar in places where the time should have been made to make it correct. Your instead of you're, as in "you're going to win" not, "your going to win." I remember one of my favorite English teachers putting it very simply. He said, "If you cannot use contractions correctly you will not use them in my class." My other biggest annoyance is when someone says "I seen that," instead of "I saw that" or "I have seen that." Gripe ended.

I know language is always evolving and that it will change but I find it difficult to believe that as things change incorrect usage will become acceptable. But, back to the topic at hand.

Part of the lack of content on here has been because of some significant spring blahs. The problem is that we don't have a spring, yet. 10° below normal for three weeks is starting to take its toll on everyone. Yes, at least it is beginning to melt, but it's still not where it should be and my favorite season is passing by underneath piles of snow. It might end up being spring for two weeks and then jumping right into summer. I have been spending time, thesaurus in front of me, preparing a name and content for the new website.

My plan is to make it free. The copyright will be protected and I plan to put measures in place to prevent the content from being misused, but I really do not see their being much of a profit to be made on the work that I have created. If it helps someone and the enjoyment of simply making it, without the complications that money often adds, is what I get out of it, then I will be satisfied. I hope that word spreads enough that I can expand the project to people other than myself and my closest friends. Sorry that I cannot be more specific than that at this time. I know how frustrating vagueness can be.

I already invested much of my time, overhead and some money into this so I won't be paying for a website to host the content. It will be contained in free places such as blogger. I do plan to place a donate button and, should it start to provide adequate funding, I would look at upgrading to a dedicated website or at least a URL/web address.

So, until the flowers start to bloom and until I have some content for the new site it may continue to be somewhat quiet here. I do expect some 2.5 mm headphone jack ends to arrive from Hong Kong in a few days and when they do I will make an extension cord for my Nero Trigger and be able to start using it for larger scale photos. Usually I am pretty good at coming up with something creative to photograph but the rut I have been in is evident in the extensive time between posts. Thank you for sticking with me and when I have something new it will be big.

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