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May 1, 2013

Here is What Has Been Going On

A few privileged readers are aware of what I have been working on and why it has been so quiet here for the last little while. I have been working for over two years on a personal project that I have finally decided to put out there and share it.

I settled on the name "Challenging Reality". It is a growing collection of artistically photographed barriers to quadriplegics and the technology that allows them to overcome those barriers, survive, and complete tasks otherwise difficult, if not impossible, to complete without.

It can be found one the web, and on Facebook:

Your feedback, comments, suggestions, Facebook "likes" and eventual contributions are greatly appreciated and I invite you to make those locations a place you regularly visit.

I had considered simply sharing it on this website but it grew to many dozens of photos already and I felt that if it was going to be a long lasting archive and resource on the Internet for quadriplegics that it deserved its own home. That is why it has a separate location from this website.

Certainly there will still be activity on here because I will be shooting the things I love, as well. But I feel like the photographs for this project have a much greater, longer-lasting, value than most of what I post here.

Please check it out and let me know what you think!

Thank you.

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