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Jul 6, 2013

A Gentle Start Back to Work

After the better part of a week of catching up on bills, bank records, returned messages, phone calls and e-mails, I was finally able to dig out my real camera the other day and make a photo. Sitting on my shelving unit was this CPU from Angie's last dead laptop.

I have been meaning to photograph it for a while and do not feel that it is anything too spectacular but good to get back to shooting. I needed to make sure I still remembered all of the nuances of lighting, focusing, and working the angle until it was just right. I had planned to continue working on the photos for Challenging Reality but they were not coming together in my mind as well as I had hoped. With all of that time driving I thought I might spend a bit more of it thinking and developing a few of those photos in my mind. There was just so much to see where we were that there was far less time for thinking that on the routine trips we take regularly on the highways of Saskatchewan.

The posts on Challenging Reality will continue as usual on Monday mornings and, again, as much as I appreciate the views, what I really need is your feedback and for you to share it with others. I have been spending any relaxation or TV time folding flyers, stuffing envelopes and getting them ready for distribution. I really hope to pick up steam and gain a greater awareness of the site, and the work that I have done, starting this fall. It's then that I will really be pursuing and asking for your help.

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