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Apr 25, 2015

Eight Months Old

  Photograph Eight Months 3 by Jay Scott on 500px

If you can believe it, Fiona was eight months old last Monday. She has grown like a little weed, is so very tall and eating so very well. I entirely support Angie's decision to try self-feeding. No purées for us. Her pincer grip has developed beautifully and today she ate a whole bunch of steamed frozen peas like it was nothing. She would've put her father to shame, were it a race. :-) Tonight she enjoyed a lot of chicken, vegetables and rice, combined with some pretty spicy green curry and coconut milk sauce. It made my nose run, but she wasn't complaining. I'm so thrilled at how much she enjoys those strong flavors at this point. I understand that it could change but for now I'm glad that she is more open-minded than I would've been as a kid.

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When she first figured out the concept of sitting up about four weeks ago I thought she was going to be crawling within a few days. I was wrong. She had the strength but just hadn't quite figured it out. Well, a few days ago she got it and when she is enticed by something like Kiwi's green monkey or daddy's shoelaces, look out. She can really move now. She hasn't entirely figured out the coordination of one hand than one leg but she sure can lurch forward with two hands and a hop her legs forward to get where she's going like a little bunny rabbit.

Thankfully one of the teeth that she has been working on has come through and the other three do not seem to be bothering her quite so bad. For about six days she was a fairly unhappy and shrieking little girl. Who could blame her? It certainly is good to have gotten a few smiles out of her and she sat like a little model in the laundry basket so that we could make her photo and daddy could try out his new backdrop that arrived just in time for her eight-month photo.

Today was her third swimming lesson and she was absolutely happy during the entire time. The previous week she cried through most of it but today she was in the mood and making friends left, right, and center. I'm very glad that I took my girls and had a chance to watch. There was even a dad there with a DSLR so maybe next week I will bring mine and try to get at least one really good photo. For now, here's what I got today.

What a delight it was to watch them swim and how badly I want to get in the water with them. It was pretty adorable watching so many little babies enjoying swimming with their parents and to watch the expression on the parents' faces was equally as enjoyable.

  Photograph Eight Months 2 by Jay Scott on 500px

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