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Apr 23, 2015

The First 2015 CPA Photo Excursion - Model Shots

  Photograph CPA SK Photo Walk 1 - Cerulean Beauty by Jay Scott on 500px

Last Saturday was our first, of what I hope to be many, photo excursions based around The Canadian Paraplegic Association. There were more of us that were able-bodied and disabled, but the point was simply to have some fun and make a very casual opportunity for anybody to come out and make some photos.

This was also the first time that I had an opportunity to photograph a professional model. Colleen A Shalley of Masala Model and Talent volunteered herself and her time for us. It was a very good experience for me to have much of the pressure of posing someone removed. I have so much to learn about that and watching her choices and decisions made for a lot of education on my part.

  Photograph CPA SK Photo Walk 1 - Guardian of the Grove 2 by Jay Scott on 500px

Watching someone who knows their best side and poses slide into a situation as if she had done it numerous times before certainly makes for some lovely photos very early on. A lot of the first portion of a session with the talent getting comfortable being in front of the camera was removed. She had never met us before but that didn't seem to matter, much. Before long we were all joking, laughing and taking full advantage of her talents. There is so much more I would've liked to have done but I already felt like I spent more time making photographs and less time leading the excursion than I meant to.

  Photograph CPA SK Photo Walk 1 - Classic Thorvalson by Jay Scott on 500px

I had planned to spend more time helping those people that are learning to use their camera, be it a full-size DSLR or just a cell phone. I also did not want to pass up this opportunity to shoot. I would like to consider alternating planned dates between lessons and excursions. It can be difficult to teach on-the-fly but it can also become boring to sit around photographing something inanimate while you try to teach people how their piece of technology works.

  Photograph CPA SK Photo Walk 1 - Guardian of the Grove by Jay Scott on 500px

As I said, it's open to anyone. As much as I don't care for Facebook it is the best platform to organize an event. Our next excursion will be on May 30 at 1 PM starting at Rutherford Rink at the U of S campus. After that we will try going some different places but, for now, I wanted to make the events somewhere with the safety of indoors, in case of bad weather, as well as assured accessibility. If you are not on Facebook but would like to participate please contact me by e-mail at jayscottphotography AT and I will make certain that any additions or changes to the plans are delivered to you. If you are looking for the event on Facebook just search within Facebook for CPA Photo Excursion. The relevant events will show up and I'm thinking about maybe making a group so that there is more room to post photos and have ongoing conversations.

I will get to my snapshots that were not photos of Colleen in a little while. Hope you like interested in joining us on our next outing and keep an eye on Facebook for potential additional opportunities before May 30.

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