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Oct 29, 2015

14 Months

Well, 14.5. We're a few weeks late.

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The last little while Fiona has taken to crawling in and playing in Kiwi's kennel. It's always so cute but I certainly can't get down on the floor to make a photo of her while she's in there so we set up on the table for a better angle and since I needed to test out a combination of an old soft box with a new flash to see if the mounting work properly. It did.


"That's a reflector, Fiona."

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We are a few weeks late on her 14 month photo. I was going to have a daddy-daughter photo since my birthday was yesterday but I had a terrible sleep last night and the shadows under my eyes were beyond my Photoshop skills. One of these days we'll get a nice shot of me reading her new book that her mommy got me for my birthday.

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