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Mar 1, 2016

18 Months Old and Her First Haircut

18 Months Old 2 by Jay Scott on
Look at that face! Whenever I look back six months or a year I know that it's the same little girl and can see her in every photo and every behavior. But to look at that change is just something else.

    18 Months Old 1 by Jay Scott on
I'm pretty sure that as time goes on we will be immeasurably grateful for the monthly photos of her. Of course, Angie has done an amazing job doing her best to capture our very busy and ever moving girl by taking snapshots on her phone. Those moments and video clips are very special, on their own. But, I hope that the monthly efforts we have made to take some shots like this will be an invaluable keepsake archive.

As the post title says, today was her first haircut. Angie's friend did an amazing job on a very neat trim in the back, where Fiona needed it the most. Her bangs still have a ways to grow to catch up but that style she now has just elevates her to looking even older than she already does, naturally.

A nice detail shot of feet and her first clippings was in order and I knew my mom would appreciate that. :-)

And, the final result in the back, layering and all.

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