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Mar 7, 2016

UV Session 3 - Malorie Thomson

   Ultraviolet Session 3 - Malorie Thomson 4 by Jay Scott on
I'm hooked. It's as simple as that. Every time we complete another one of these ultraviolet sessions I am astounded by the results. As with any work most photographers do, they grow tired and jaded of looking at the photos over the long term. When you spend hours working on them they lose their impressiveness and that's what I found with the past black light shoots. I still loved the results, but they weren't as amazing when you stared at them for a long period of time.
    Ultraviolet Session 3 - Malorie Thomson 1 by Jay Scott on
The amazement returns the minute you see your model walk-in, with another round of amazing makeup, and creating more magic begins anew.

    Ultraviolet Session 3 - Malorie Thomson 3 by Jay Scott on
Missy Makeover was booked up and I'm very happy that Mark Tiu was able to refer us to Jennilee of Vamp Make-up, who did a beautiful job on Malorie. The fine work of Mel Corkum from Alchemy Clothing and Salon on the hair was the final touch to complete the entire costume which was a wonderful delight to see glowing before our eyes.

    Ultraviolet Session 3 - Malorie Thomson 6 by Jay Scott on
I was very grateful for the help from Gerald Murray and his girlfriend, Julia. Those extra sets of hands, especially another woman for wardrobe adjustments, are not just handy, but essential for the things that I am physically unable to do. I am grateful for the people who have made these shoots possible and I am happy to organize and share the opportunity to participate in a shoot like this.
    Ultraviolet Session 3 - Malorie Thomson 2 by Jay Scott on
For the photo below, I was glad to have an opportunity to once again work with my gift from Angie this Christmas, my Lensbaby with the Sweet 35 optic. It's a tool and not to be abused, but for one fine shot I'm quite pleased with the result. However, it is a manual focus only lens and in a pitch black garage with only the UV fluorescence it was tricky to nail that focus in the sweet spot.
    Ultraviolet Session 3 - Malorie Thomson 7 by Jay Scott on
Without question, the most complex photo was the absolute best shot of the day, once again not possible without Julia running the smoke machine. When I bought that little thing for its first use at the CPA Help-Portrait event all the way back in 2013, I had no idea that this little tool would be so useful in adding that extra element of uniqueness the way that it has. Without it, I don't think that my favourite self-portrait from last summer would have been all that it was.
    Ultraviolet Session 3 - Malorie Thomson 8 by Jay Scott on
The planning for the next two UV shoots are well underway. Unfortunately, we learned that the lifespan of these contact lenses are shorter than indicated so either we need to plan shoots closer together or just consider them single use. No one's vision and eye health is worth risking for some photos. That said, they took the whole shoot to another level and I will be getting my hands on at least a few more pairs to make sure I am stocked because I certainly don't want to go backwards in complexity with these sessions.

    Ultraviolet Session 3 - Malorie Thomson 5 by Jay Scott on

Model: Malorie Thomson
Makeup: Jennilee Cardinal-Schultz of Vamp Make-up
Hair: Mel Corkum of Alchemy Clothing and Salon
Agency: Infinity Management

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