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Aug 12, 2014

Still Waiting for Our Baby

  Photograph My Folks by Jay Scott on 500px

No baby, yet. We do have scheduled induction for this coming weekend or early next week so hopefully we won't get the call at some inconvenient time of day, but then, what would be convenient? At least this past Sunday we picked up the canvases I had on display at the mall and got a photo made of my parents-in-law. Now we just need to get Robin, and the boys, then one of Angie and I and probably one of Kiwi for the six frames I painstakingly painted to be hung in our child's room.

  Photograph Merv and Marilyn by Jay Scott on 500px

I thought about going to Innovation Place today to photograph the flowers that captivated me on Sunday when we made the above portrait, but my motivation was lacking and I decided to continue working on putting together some of the inserts for my new shelving unit. That's double satisfaction, right there. Organizing my disorganized mess of equipment and office clutter as well as building something with my hands. Even if it is just IKEA stuff, it still involves using a few tools and that great smell of fresh cut lumber.

I have one more photo that I'll share in a few days that scored me a lot of points on 500px and you might have already seen if you follow me on twitter. Sometimes it surprises me how popular simple snapshots with no lighting more than a reflector are popular. I'll share that with you in a few days.

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