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Aug 4, 2014

The Beautiful Brief Lilies

  Photograph Backyard Pink Lilies by Jay Scott on 500px

As the days continue on, and summer begins to show the signs of its age, the lilies having come in their stunning, short-lived, glory, the birth of our baby draws nearer. We've said to ourselves that there's no point in not living life as usual until the time comes. Staying at home constantly thinking, worrying and being anxious about it does no one any good and, honestly, I'm pretty proud of how well we've done at just carrying on. It's exciting, it's a degree of scary and it's the biggest thing in my life since getting married and building a house. All good things in the process of building a life and the life of a family.

At times we feel comfortably prepared, knowing that there will be an uncertain degree of improvisation, then other times, while just living life, Angie's tummy bumps in the back of the head (sometimes she still isn't aware of how far it sticks out, or so she tells me) and we realize that the time is coming very soon. Today we both agreed that the length of time a woman is pregnant is just about right. Too much shorter and it wouldn't be enough time to let it sink in and prepare, too much longer and the discomfort and growing anxiousness would be difficult.

  Photograph Orange Backyard Lilies by Jay Scott on 500px

At this moment my biggest concern revolves around a factor I cannot control but believe that with the proper assertiveness I should be able to exercise some degree of influence. That concern is with my care. Being on a regular schedule like I am is best for my health and pushing the limits has significant negative consequences. Add to that a Home Care office that I have a rapidly diminishing faith in and you can see the source of my concern. I do have faith in God and hope that he will have his hands on the perfect timing of everything, including my routine, so that I have the pleasure of witnessing our child's birth without pushing my well-being beyond what is healthy. It would not be the first time that I counted on him to influence those at the Home Care who have the ability to make my life easier.

I will trust Angie's judgment far more than my own, as I'm just a casual observer, but I wonder if today's photo at 39 weeks isn't the last of this series. I suppose we will see soon enough!

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