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Oct 30, 2014

Ten Weeks

In some ways it's so hard to believe that she is 10 weeks old and in other ways it seems like it has been so much longer. Maybe because of how quickly she has changed, how the adapting to our new family's routine is turning out and maybe because of how far she has progressed already in her little life.

  Photograph Three Bears by Jay Scott on 500px

We figured that a Halloween costume might be a bit of a waste for her this year but she did get a suit that included a hood with bear ears. It was only fitting that we put her between her to biggest teddy bears for a photo. It seemed like an adequate Halloween costume for her.

That suit, like many of her clothes, are rated for much older kids than her. She really is growing like a weed, strong as can be and way more interactive than I ever expected her to be at this age.

Is much as I don't love winter I am looking forward to the endless photos that will come with her along with our Christmas decorations. Probably in the exact same location with the exact same background as the above photo, nice bokehlicious Christmas tree lights in the background should make for a nice shot. I definitely want to get one of her on the floor under the tree. I don't know if she will be sitting up by then but we have our ways to help support her.

I may wear my Homer Simpson costume tomorrow but I'm pretty sure I won't be as cute as our little teddy bear.

  Photograph Three Bears - 2 by Jay Scott on 500px

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