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Oct 20, 2014

Two Months, Already!

My, how she has grown. The double chins are developing beautifully. She's standing up with lateral support for over ten seconds and her neck is almost strong enough to let her site in her borrowed Bumbo Chair and awesome gift from Auntie Robin, James and Will, her Jumperoo.

  Photograph Two Months - 1 by Jay Scott on 500px

Her eye colour is coming in (the left one caught some extra light, hence the brighter look); they seem to be blue. Her kicking is beginning to hurt when she sits on our lap and her interaction is well ahead of her age. But, I may be biased. ;)

What would a session be without some outtakes?

Yeah, a beautiful day, multiple flashes and a reflector would make me pull away, too.

For these last two photos a meme came to mine. The Most Interesting Man in the World. My caption would be, "I don't always pose outside for a photo, but when I do, it's +23 in late October."

  Photograph Two Months - 2 by Jay Scott on 500px

Tomorrow are her first immunizations. It will be tough, but, then, how much of parenting is difficult decisions for your child's best interests?

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