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Nov 22, 2015


 Samantha - 1 by Jay Scott on

I had the opportunity to work with some of Infinity Management's new talent, Samantha Willey.

    Samantha - 2 by Jay Scott on

Samantha braved the brisk chill to pose outside for me, before we made our way through Health Sciences, stopping to shoot as we went.

    Samantha - 3 by Jay Scott on

She was professional, easy going, agreeable and fun to work with.

    Samantha - 4 by Jay Scott on

As with most models, she knew her best poses, sides and expressions. Part of my goal of working with more professionals is to improve my skill at posing individuals, couples and families for their sessions. At this point, my posing suggestions are minor adjustments. It's studying the model's overall choices that teaches me the most.

    Samantha - 5 by Jay Scott on

One of the best ways to help your subject understand what you want them to do is to demonstrate it. Most of the time it's a physical impossibility for me so choosing proper descriptions and adjectives is important. Frustration in understanding what I'm trying to communicate will drain the positive energy out of people as fast as anything.

    Samantha - 6 by Jay Scott on
It wasn't long before I knew that her bright and smiling eyes were shouting to be front and center.
    Samantha - 7 by Jay Scott on

    Samantha - 8 by Jay Scott on

I have no doubt that I will work with Samantha, again. A grand thank you to Infinity Management for the casting call and for connecting us. Thank you to Melissa Agarand for another fine work on makeup. You'll get to see more of her work, preparing my next UV portrait subjects, for a session the very next day. I'll have those up later this week.

Photographer: Jay Scott Photography - Saskatoon
Model: Samantha Willey of Infinity Management - Saskatoon
Makeup: Missy Makeover - Saskatoon

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