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Nov 30, 2015

UV Session 2 - Emma and Olivia

    UV Session 2-5 by Jay Scott on

Once, again, Melissa Agarand of Missy Makeover put in a solid chunk of time getting Emma and Olivia done up, beautifully, for me to photograph.

    UV Session 2-1 by Jay Scott on

Top-notch work like hers makes my job so easy. The enthusiasm of Emma and Olivia made directing them into excellent poses very easy.

    UV Session 2-2 by Jay Scott on

    UV Session 2-8 by Jay Scott on

    UV Session 2-4 by Jay Scott on

As we all learn and gain experience the process just improves. Learning and discovering is a part of the fun, but consistently applying what has been learned, to produce even better results, makes for even better photos. And that is not just fun but rewarding.

    UV Session 2-9 by Jay Scott on

    UV Session 2-6 by Jay Scott on

    UV Session 2-10 by Jay Scott on

With the busyness of the season, and the preparation and planning needed for each of these sessions, I will aim to have another shoot in the early new year. If you are interested, please contact me. I will be putting out a call when the time to begin planning comes. I have plenty of ideas and concepts left and would welcome yours.

    UV Session 2-12 by Jay Scott on

    UV Session 2-13 by Jay Scott on

    UV Session 2-14 by Jay Scott on

Help-Portrait 2015 is this Saturday and, for the most part, all the plans are in place. We will be relying a bit on the unknown volunteers, that is, the people who show up wanting to help that we were unaware of before the day comes. I'm not worried that any important roles won't be filled, but sometimes not knowing is the worst part. There will be plenty of hands and plenty of help but that doesn't mean that if you would like to contribute that we would not welcome you and have work for you to do.

Bruce and Karen were on TV this morning. Here is a link to the clip:

I think they did a great job and am glad that they were willing to put themselves out there. I'm quite happy being an organizer behind the scenes, working on the administrative side of things and helping to do whatever I can to minimize the stress placed on Bruce and all that he has done this year.

    UV Session 2-11 by Jay Scott on

    UV Session 2-7 by Jay Scott on

    UV Session 2-3 by Jay Scott on

At times I feel like I need to be more intentional about shooting and making quality work, but lately my plate has felt quite full and I look forward not only to Help-Portrait, but to the sigh of relief once it is concluded. It's always a good time, and very rewarding, but it does take a lot of time and effort that most people don't realize. The well-deserved break on the following week will be earned and I will be happy to spend it planning more work while enjoying good coffee in a cozy and warm office.

    UV Session 2-15 by Jay Scott on

MUA: Melissa Agarand - Missy Makeover
Models: Emma and Olivia of Infinity Management

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