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Sep 22, 2014

One Month, Already

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Saturday Fiona turned one month old... Already! So many have said how little she is, but that is a big bear and chair. Today was her one month checkup and she's 11lbs 13 oz. She is quickly outgrowing her current clothes and is easily kicking the end of her bassinette.

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"They" say responsive smiles and interaction takes longer than this to occur. There are coincidences then there are the regular things we see from her much more than half of the time.

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She has her evening fussiness, and there have been a few poor nights lately, but she really is a good baby.

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I believe today was the day that Kiwi went from uncertain to excited about her. Until now Kiwi has been cautious but not sure what this little noisy thing was. Twice today she excitedly went running around the house looking for Fiona and when we arrived home from appointments Kiwi was quite interested in Fiona in her car seat.

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As time between feedings increases, and everyone figures things out a little more each day, I imagine we'll feel freer to resume a few more normal activities. That said, we did enjoy supper out with friends Saturday evening, even if we didn't have the energy to join them for birthday cake after. It was still great to be sociable, again.

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