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Sep 13, 2014

She's Sure Growing

  Photograph Kiwi with My Baby Shoes by Jay Scott on 500px

It seemed like only a short while ago that we made the above photo to announce the upcoming arrival of our baby. We weren't certain how exactly Kiwi would respond but her submissive and gentle personality has shone through and she is very good with her new owner. She still seeks as much attention as possible but has no reason to feel neglected because I have been making an extra effort to make certain she is cared for and not denied the affection she was accustomed to in the past.

Every time there is a cry of glee or a cry of discontentment Kiwi comes running. We know from experience that when Angie or I have not been feeling well we cannot count on Kiwi to gently comfort us but to come running in full speed and lick furiously. She's not the most in tune with how we are feeling but she only ever means well. Thankfully, even when she's excited, she seems to err on the side of caution with Fiona.

I have no doubt that as Fiona grows, especially as food begins hitting the floor, that Kiwi will be sticking right by her side.

  Photograph Kiwi and Fiona by Jay Scott on 500px

Finally, are a few photos from a series that we did in her new bouncy chair, a gift from three of my wonderful caregivers from Home Care. The chair has been a lifesaver when we've been eating and it gives her an opportunity to be near us, active with her ever kicking legs, and give her the opportunity to sit up a bit straighter, independently and soothe herself by her own movements.

More than that, it felt good to pull out almost all of my flashes to really construct an elaborate photo from seven light sources. Candid snapshots are great but I was itching to get back to a thoroughly constructed photo with much complexity, for the practice to make sure I could still do it, but also for the unique look that you can only get from such a mixture.

Just for clarity in the chronology of the photos, the second photo with both Kiwi and Fiona is the most recent as of this post. The three below here were from approximately one week earlier.

  Photograph Day 16 - Explorative by Jay Scott on 500px

  Photograph Day 16 - Thoughtful by Jay Scott on 500px

  Photograph Day 16 - Bubbly by Jay Scott on 500px

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