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Sep 25, 2014

Paul's Odyssey

 Photograph Honda Odyssey WA HDR by Jay Scott on 500px

For awhile Paul and I have wanted to make a great photo of his van. Once we found a location it was a matter of finding an evening that worked for both of us, had a decent sky at sunset, and was warm enough for two quads.

  Photograph Honda Odyssey WA HDR 2 by Jay Scott on 500px

The wind was cool, but we were busy making photos. I likened it to ice fishing. When they're biting you don't notice the cold.

  Photograph Honda Odyssey HDR Telephoto by Jay Scott on 500px

I have always respected those photographers who are willing to, day after day, night after night, return to try to get the shot they want. Dedication like that is rarer and rarer, whatever the field might be. We found ourselves with the right to pat ourselves on the back for many reasons that evening.

The first was that we needed to move the van. Paul could not just hop in there and move it over in 30 seconds like an able-bodied person could. He had to get in, pull up the ramp and close the door, transfer into the seat, get positioned and then, finally, move the van. After that he had to get back out. That is dedication. Enduring the wind and cool temperatures that we did, with our reduced ability to maintain body heat was dedication. The final dedication will come when we redo the shots with the knowledge of what we gained that evening and now that I have my new camera back. Again, it's not the camera that makes a great photo but when I know I can get a better quality image why wouldn't I take the extra steps to do that, if possible.

Soon I'll have a bunch of photos that I've made from the last little while as the colours have really begun to come out. I still don't like autumn because of what follows it but these last few days of high 20° temperatures are just fine with me and I'm making the most of what's given to me right now..

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